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Web Site Design Services

WADSAA Designs has been serving the Mount Vernon and Fredericktown Ohio area since 1994 with quality web site designs that produce
RESULTS for their clients.

We stand apart from most web design firms in the Central Ohio area because we believe in 2 basic website design principles: Treat every website client like we would want to be treated and make each website design unique and reflect the client's business in a clear and straightforward manner. We do
NOT believe in the "take a tech support number and we will get back to you".

First, we understand that customer service is a big part of any business. We work as your business partner and handle any updates to your website normally within 48 hours, NOT weeks or months like many design firms do. We understand that your website is a major part of your business and should be treated as a priority, not a luxury.

Second, we do NOT employ "cookie-cutter" or template website design work like most design companies in the Mt. Vernon Ohio area do, using a software program with templates and filling in the blanks. Each client's needs are different and those needs should reflect the client's business in a clear and concise manner. Almost anyone with the time and patience can learn to build a website, but unless the website ranks high in the search engine listings, it is a worthless effort. We build the website and integrate the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into the pages of your website to get the maximum exposure possible.

For many Mount Vernon companies, owning a website is like having a huge billboard built in your basement, no one will see it unless you know the company name! WADSAA Inc. website designers create custom logos, web graphics, animation, java applications, company and product videos, cgi scripts, shockwave and integrated database applications that are available to vendors or customers in a secure environment. This means that your company will have the ability to interact on a business to business level or a business to customer level without data being available to everyone on the Internet. We serve many clients in the Central Ohio area and are based in Knox County, Ohio. If you are interested in more detailed information, please contact WADSAA Designs by email or by calling the corporate offices at 740.398.8087. Examples of our website designs are available at our Client Profiles shown below. We DO NOT charge by the hour for website design services as this practice by other website design firms is rarely fair for the client! We can quote you by the individual project depending on how many pages your website will contain and what features you will need. We provide FREE updates for your website, all you have to do is e-mail us the new material and we take care of the rest for you.

Our rates for basic website design services start at $45.00 per webpage. Depending on the features and functions you desire on your pages will affect the design price. Please feel free to contact us for bulk rates for large websites.

E-commerce websites are designed based on the type of shopping cart system you will be using. If you need help selecting an e-commerce platform to work with your site, please contact us for assistance as we have experience in working with many different types of e-commerce systems.

Client Profiles
We design the client's website based on their unique needs. We can make the website very simple or as technically complex as your needs are. Here are some of our current client's websites to show you the different styles we can design.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of restructuring and marketing a website to rise higher in the rankings in the major search engines. It is the goal of every website owner to have their website appear in the first page of all search engines and at the top position in their given marketplace. Appearing in the number one position when searching for your own company name has little value unless you have an extensive print advertising campaign and are relying on name recognition. Think of the results you would get if your company provides "heating and air conditioning services Mount Vernon Ohio" and your company appears in the first page of search results under that search term for the Mount Vernon area? More and more people are using the Internet to locate goods and services, shouldn't your website be at the top where people can find you easily?

WADSAA Inc. does NOT employ a "one-size-fits-all" approach to SEO. We provide services on a national scale with many website design firms across the country who can provide excellent web designs, but do not have the expertise in SEO to move their clients to the top of the search engine rankings. Each client's needs and marketplaces are different, so our services are tailored to our client's individual company goals. We do not work with potential clients if we have a current client in the same marketplace and in the same part of the country. This prevents a conflict of interest from occurring and ensures our clients that they are receiving the best service available. Each client is fully briefed on the services we can provide to gain their company the most traffic possible on the Internet in the shortest amount of time.

Unlike several companies who claim they are the number 1 SEO company nationally according to their marketing hype and take your money every month with nothing to show for it, we provide you with a ranking report every 30 days so you know EXACTLY where your website appears for the search terms you want and what your site’s status is. Information is power on the Internet and the better informed you are, the better decisions you can make about your business!

WADSAA Inc. can work on a flat-fee structure or a percentage of Internet sales which we term "pay-for-performance". Feel free to contact our Director for SEO Services at 740-398-8087 and we will discuss your companies needs.

For a web site to be of value, design alone is not enough. A website is only useful if people can find it quickly and easily. Give your company the competitive edge it needs!

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing is a very broad term that covers many different aspects of the Internet, but the bottom line is... Getting your website seen by potential customers or clients easily!

Effective Internet digital marketing for your business can involve Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc), Video (Youtube, Vimeo, etc), SEO or Pay-Per-Click, Mass-Email or depending on your marketplace, all the listed resources. Most Mount Vernon and Knox County area businesses do not have the knowledge or skill to manage all of these channels of opportunity effectively. We help take that burden off of your staff. We do not "ghost write" your social media like large corporations or celebrities do, we show you how to be effective with these tools to your best advantage.

We can help manage your social media interests and produce effective Youtube and Vimeo Videos at a reasonable flat rate fee to get your product or services in front of the public, making your business more effective!

Contact us at
dgoosens@wrgs.com with your questions on how we can help make the Internet less of a mystery and how we can make your website get RESULTS!

Web Site Hosting and Web Administration Services
WADSAA, Inc. offers several different programs to host your website on our servers. We offer full website design, administration and maintenance services for clients who prefer a "hands off approach" as well as do-it-yourself packages for companies who do in-house design but need hosting services. Most business owners are too busy running their business to be bothered with keeping a website updated and it’s too expensive to hire a full time employee to run their website for the company. Our economical administrative packages let you run your business and we take care of the website for you.

We also recommend companies that specialize in specific areas such as co-location and high speed commercial Internet services to your web server. This ensures that any potential client that wants to access your web pages will never be turned away because of too many hits on your web site at one time.

All website design is not the same. Many people try the do-it-yourself web design software available now in most retail stores, but quickly realize that getting highly ranked in the search engines is a task far beyond their capabilities. Many have tried programs like wordpress or webbuilder only to find out that just because they have a website, people don’t automatically find it. The old saying of “if you build it they will come” does NOT work on the Internet! WADSAA, Inc. has a proven track record of elevating their clients high in the search engines to gain maximum exposure for their clients. Ranking in the top 3 pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing is the wish of all web site owners and WADSAA, Inc. can make that wish a reality.

Pay-Per-Click Management Services
Unfortunately, there are many websites which were designed without thinking about high search engine rankings.

Some website designers have used template designs or hosted design software to design their website. SEO techniques have little or no effect on these websites and only drain the client of money on the "hope" that next month will be better. Other companies, they may have already spent thousands of dollars and hours of time developing a great looking website, only to find that the website is buried so deep in the search engine rankings they can't be found beyond their company name. Depending on how the site was built and what software was used to develop it, SEO techniques will NOT work on these websites and only a full re-design of the website would make it rise in the rankings and bring business your way. This can be very cost prohibitive to many companies.

For a business website in this situation, we offer a Pay-Per-Click Management Program for Bing and Google Ads. Many people do not realize the top 3 positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo and the listings down the right side of the pages are pay-per-click ads. This means you bid against other businesses in your marketplace for higher ranking in those listings. Studies show that 52% of people look to the left side of the page and 48% look to the right side of the page. By employing targeted marketing methods, we can help control bid costs and work with you to manage your advertising costs, but also raise your return on your investment in the pay-per-clicks. Feel free to contact our Pay-Per-Click Specialist at 740-398-8087 M-F 8am-5pm EST or e-mail your questions to

We offer a FREE Analysis of your current website to help you decide if SEO will be effective for your Mount Vernon area business or if you should consider a Pay-Per-Click Program.

Internet Consulting Services
WADSAA, Inc. in Knox County, Ohio is the Internet consulting firm that can provide strategies and solutions in all areas of your Internet marketing plan from the preliminary planning to the final implementation of the project. WADSAA, Inc. interacts with your company's key personnel to provide the proper marketing solutions and site development for the specific needs of your company. Consulting means assisting with the implementation of a Internet strategy that is functional for both your business applications and your clients business application requirements. WADSAA, Inc. uses software driven marketing technology to ensure that your business is not lost in the millions of other web sites on the Internet. Why have a web site that people can't find? The Internet has become a major force in the marketing world and WADSAA, Inc, has the experience to get your web site producing results.
Contact us for a free analysis of what we can do to help your business.